JCSS calibration service


 Showa Sokki Calibration Laboratory Ltd. was accredited in June 2002 as a “force” accredited business, and was registered as a calibration service provider in August 2007, following the transition from the accreditation system to the registration system under the revised Measurement Law.
In August 2007, the registration was also renewed as an international MRA-compliant JCSS accredited operator.
Registered service providers are calibration service providers registered with the National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE) and can provide calibration services to general users using specified secondary standards that have been calibrated using specified standards, etc.
They can also issue calibration certificates with the JCSS logo mark, certifying that they are traceable to national measurement standards.
JCSS” is an abbreviation for “Japan Calibration Service System”, which represents the traceability system of the Measurement Law, and is a logo mark that can be used by registered service providers.

 List of force reference machines

Hydraulic 5MN force reference machine (calibration service commencing 1 April 2021)
Exchangeable 200KN force datuming machine
Exchangeable 20KN force reference machine

Application for accreditation and calibration

 Certification number JCSS 0112.

Calibration range for compressive forces: 1 kN – 5000 kN (5MN)
Calibration range for tensile force: 1 kN to 200 kN.

Calibration range and calibration measurement capability Details

JCSS calibration application form
Customers wishing to apply for JCSS calibration should read “To Customers Applying for Calibration (separate sheet)” in the JCSS Calibration Application Form, fill in the necessary information, seal the form and send it to our Sales Department.

Commitment to equity

Showa Sokki Calibration Laboratory Ltd. is committed to carrying out calibration work in an independent and impartial manner.

JCSS calibration flow

The basic calibration point is 8 points.
The applicant is responsible for the transport costs of the tester.

Please contact our sales department if you wish to apply for JCSS calibration.