Special Transducers

We call strain gage type transducers as special transducers which have been changed into so-called sensers for measurement of various dynamic physical amounts of load, torque, displacement, acceleration and so on, singly or compositely in accordance with purposes of use or applications. Such transducers as given in the following list can now be produced and offered. Note however that these special transducers are a part of those produced complying with various requests raised by customers. We are carrying numerous specially produced items and actual examples as keywords on the application notes to which you can refer whenever necessary. Our 6-Component Load Cell is a sensor capable of detecting at the same time Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My and Mz, which are the 6 elements of “force”. This sensor has been mounted on a Honda Giken Kogyo Company’s Model “P-3” ~ “ASIMO” 2-foot walking robot that has been sensationally acccepted in this industrial field. This is one of the most typical examples where our 6-component load cells have been effectively utilized as a sensing technology corresponding to the three semicirculer canals that are controlling the sense of equilibrium whenever we are thinking of “In what manner human being is walking (extracted from Honda’s Homepage)”. Refer to us directly for details of the 6-component load cell because we are placing this load cell in a category rather apart from those of ordinary load cells.

Kinds of Special Transducers

Confirm detailed specifications from the list given below in accordance with your respective use or applications. Send inquiries to us directly regarding examples of use of specially ordered items as referred to in the article “Outlines” above. ・We are ready to enter design and production of custom-made transducers in accordance with specific requirements raised by customers from time to time. ・Click individual “TYPES” for respective appearances or specifications. ・The rating steps of respective TYPES are fundamentally to be 1, 2, 5, 10 …. / the respective units. ・Rated capacities are all indicated in the SI unit, namely, the customary unit / the converted SI Unit: 1 kgf = 9.80665 N.