Pressure Transducers

Strain gage type pressure transducers are equally to load cells widely used as sensors to convert pressures of water, oils or gases into corresponding electrical amount and at the same time as the means of pressure measurement and controls. A diaphragm type elastic substance is used as sensing element of the pressure detection portion of the pressure transducers and can be roughly classified into the pressure conduit system and the flush diaphragm system directly sensing pressures. In comparison with other types of pressure transducers, the strain gage type pressure transducer is of higher accuraciy, higher stability and of higher responsibility and thanks to these excellent features, the strain gage type pressure transducers are widely used as the high accuracy force detection means in the hydraulic testing machines. In addition, it may be another big features of our pressure transducers to be able to cope with any requirements for high temperatures up to 150℃, or for anti-vibration applications. In additional fields of applications, the “pressure” is frequently dealt with as the synonym of “FORCE” because the amount of pressure is sometimes represented as an amount of force per unit area. For example, in case when measurement is made to the contact pressure distribution system on the elastic substance like rubbers or on some pressure applying rollers, a confirmation can be made by detecting force applied to a tiny area. Our Type MP Series Ultra-thin Pressure Sensors have been developed for the target materials of liquids or gases. We have tried several experiments by mounting these sensors on a body pressure distribution detection system on car seats and have experienced some difficulties in getting expected results when a pressure inclination exists in the elastic substances. We are recommending users to grasp pressure as the amount of force to a small area whenever such difficulties may exist.

Kinds of Pressure Transducers

Confirm detailed specifications in accordance with the list given below. Send inquiries to us regarding measurement of contact pressure distribution system as referred to above. ・Click individual “TYPES” for respective appearances or specifications. ・The rating steps of respective TYPES are fundamentally to be 1, 2, 5, 10 …. / the respective units. ・Rated capacities are all indicated in the SI unit, namely, the customary unit / the converted SI Unit: 1MPa=10.1971621[kgf/cm2],1MPa=145.03773773[psi]