Load Cells

There are several detection systems in the force detection devices, such as strain gage type, piezzo-electric type, capacitance type, electro-magnetic type, tuning fork type, and so on, among which the strain gage type detection system is so widely diffused in this field that this type of detection system is commonly called as load cells. The load cell has in it an elastic body called strain transmitting element on which strain gages are bonded. Its principle of measurement is to utilize the proportional relation between the stress (force) applied and the strain generated. The devices having such a wide measuring range from the low class capacity of 200mN to the high class capacity of 20MN can be produced and offered. Its customary fields of application have been only for the limited production lines in the materials testing machines, industrial measuring and testing machines, (including batchers, hoppers, truck scales, etc.), steel rolling mills and so on. But as the superiority in performances, cost-effectiveness and reliability of load cells have become aware among users, the load cells are at present widely utilized in high accuracy platform scales, electronic balances and so on and also for the quality control of public equipment or devices. In the course of elevation in recent days of the demands or requirements for the engineering plastic equipment, the use of electro motive servo device incorporating load cells therein has occupied a main role in the jet moulding systems for the realization of accurate high speed stable moulding in clean atmosphere.

Showa Sokki load cell types

Since its start for the first place in 1962 in Japan in the development of foil strain gages, SHOWA has consistently devoted itself into the exploitation of foil strain gage based sensors. Above all, as requirements for load cells have been brought to SHOWA most frequently and widely, the Models and Types of load cells have now become incalculably numerous nowadays including optional or special types. We have to meet with the requirements for the development of new and very special strain gages that are not included in the present production programme but are esentially needed to produce to meet a tendency for high accuracy, very small capacity, and multi-axes in modern load cells, in which a higher reliability is ensured in regard to quality and performances. The following table describes all standard Models of SHOWA Load Cells. Do not hesitate to call on SHOWA at any time because they are always ready to cope with any requirements for special version or optional load cells that may be raised by the users from time to time.

Tension & Compression Load Cells

Compression Load Cells

Tension Load Cells

JCSS-calibration-compliant Load cells for force testers

Product image Type Structure and features Rated range linearity(%RO) Rated output(mV/V) Operating temperature(℃)
SH RCF For compression Force gauge*1 500 N,..10 MN 0.05 2.0±1 % 0~40
SH RTU-S2B Tensile force gauge*1 50 N,..200 kN 0.03 2.0±1 % 0~40
SH CHM For hardness tester verification*1 1 N,..2 kN 0.05 1.5±1 % -10~60