Displacement Transducers

Our Model TCL Series Displacement Transducrs can roughly be classified into 2 major catagories of (1) cantilever type utilizing strain gages and (2) sliding resistance wire type. In both of these two types, detected amount of displacement is transformed into corresponding electrical amount by means of data logger or dynamic strain amplifiers for being transmitted externally. These displacement transducers are easy to handle because these are all of a bar type or alternatively, of a dial gage type. Therefore, these displacement transducers are exerting a big power in the multipoint measurements in experimental studies on automobiles, architectures or civil engineering. In addition, Model TCL-L and TCL-LR Inductance Type Displacement Transducers can ensure a stable dynamic measurement as the core and the main body of this type are independent each other in its construction. There are many sorts of systems in displacement sensors available in the market, including laser systems, eddy current systems, differential transformer systems and so on, among which it has elapsed nearly 40 years since the initial development of our strain gage type displacement transducers. The aim of development of our displacement transducers is to offer sensors inexpensively for use in multipoint displacement measurement systems in addition to the original requirement for stress analysis by means of strain gages. It can safely be said that the strain gage type displacemment transducers are at present one of the most widely used displacement sensors including those having the same construction of other manufacturers’ make.

Kinds of Displacement Transducers

Confirm detailed specifications in accordance with the list given below. We can produce Clip Gages for ASTM material testing. Contact us for details if necessary. ・Click individual “TYPES” for respective appearances or specifications. ・The rating steps of respective TYPES are fundamentally to be 1, 2, 5, 10 …. / the respective units.