Amplifiers and indicators

Digital transducer indicators are dedicated digital indicators that digitally display physical quantities after amplifying, A/D-converting and CPU processing the minute voltages from strain gage sensors (load transducers, pressure transducers, torque transducers, etc.). These digital indicators are compatible with various strain gage sensors, including load cells, and are widely used for test measurement, production control measurement and weight measurement, etc. Therefore, it is recommended that the measurement accuracy, required functions and cost are used as criteria for selecting the model according to the application. Some functions/explanations cannot be confirmed only by the details on the web, so please download and check the instruction manual if necessary.

"DS-6200" / Digital Transducer Indicator

  • Processing in high speed sampling of 0.5 ms (2000 times/second).
  • 5-digit indication with both polarities (±99999).
  • Real time graphical indication of input signals by means of color liquid crystals.
  • Capable of connecting in 4 parallel units of the 350Ω Series load cells.
  • Can match with all sorts of strain gage type sensors through excitation voltage switching.
  • Standard specifications include top and bottom setting and various holding functions.
  • High accuracy in non-linearity of 0.02% FS ± 1 digit.
  • Addition of various optional features is possible.
  • Additional option includes an exclusive portable case.

DS-9000-MS001・・・・・Indicator dedicated to force gauges

  • Suitable for combination with force gauges
  • Printer and switch box as standard equipment

DS-2000, DS-8000, DS-7000, DS-6000 and DS-3100 have been discontinued.

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