Acceleration Transducers

Differently from Coil type or Piezzo-electric type acceleration Transducers, Strain Gage type Acceleration Transducers can be utilized for measurement of a wide range of accelerations covering static to dynamic spheres. Especially, for the impulsive tests in the field of automobile industry, the “JIS D 1050” (based on the ISO 6487) to which our strain gage type acceleration transducers conform is recommending to effect measurements in the frequency class. As you may be aware, the lowest limit of the frequency class includes a shere of static acceleration with the range of 0.1Hz or less, to which our strain gage type acceleration transducers perfectly conform.Note however that measurement and analysis of vibration and impulse by means of strain gage type accelaration transducers looks to have its object mainly on dynamic energies and therefore its target appears to be slightly different from measurement of earthquakes or machinery vibrations in general. Anyway, in the acceleration measurement, it should be important to select and use sensors which may be most suitable for the individual measuring purposes. In view of the fact that the relation between acceleration and force can be expressed with the formula of:[Force = Mass x Acceleration], it is a general practice to make a measurement in which a detection of force by means of load cells is included.

Kinds of Acceleration Transducers

Confirm detailed specifications from the list given below in accordance with the respective specific applications. Send inquiries to us regarding measurement of impulsive load as referred to above. ・Click individual “TYPES” for respective appearances or specifications. ・The rating steps of respective TYPES are fundamentally to be 1, 2, 5, 10 …. / the respective units. ・Rated capacities are all indicated in the SI unit, namely, the customary unit / the converted SI Unit: 1[m/s2]=100[Gal],1[m/s2]=0.101971621[G]