Applications of Load Cell


Strain gages and their applied sensors are used throughout very wide range of application fields. We have tried to summarize by the keywords in what fields these strain gages and applied sensors are actually used and what sorts of inquiries are actually sent to us. Note that kinds and examples of applications at which customers are aiming can be confirmed if you try to make a keyword search on the browser that you are currently using or on the “Site Search”. Send us inquiries on mail for further details if any or contact our local business offices directly.

Application examples

  1. Measurement of load of rolling mills in steel works (With washer type load cells).
  2. Measurement of press loads.
  3. Measurement of press fitting load (With bearings and pins).
  4. Load measurement in injection moulding machines.
  5. Measurement of internal pressure of metal moulding mechines.
  6. Pulling- out force measurement in the wire or pipe forming machines.
  7. Tension measurement of wires.
  8. Pressurization force measurement in spot-welding machines.
  9. Pressurization force measurement in rolling coating machines.
  10. Pressurization force measurement in rolling brushing machines.
  11. Washer type load cells for electro-motive servo cylinders.
  12. Detection of remaining amount in gas cylinders (for nitrogen or oxygen).
  13. Missing parts inspection by weight (Shortage in quantities and items).
  14. Inspection of electronic appliances (in regard to rotating torque, retaining force, contact pressure, insertion force, etc).
  15. Pressurization force measurement in tabletting machines (mounting on the machines already in actual operation).
  16. Pressurization force measurement in polishing machines.
  17. Measurement of frictional force coefficient.
  18. Cutting pressurization measurement in processing machines.
  19. Pulling-in force measurement in pull-studs in CNC Milling Machines.
  20. Evaluation of characteristics of cushioning materials.
  21. Measurement of Impulsive load (such as load, displacement, velocity, absorption energy and so on).
  22. Evaluation of performances of sporting goods
  23. Analysis of sporting dynamics.
  24. Impulsive bursting tests of composite film and pouch.
  25. Measurement of clipping force of files.
  26. Pressure control exerted in thermal bonding of conveyor-belts.
  27. Measurement of pressure exerted in thermal sealing.
  28. Reaction force measurement of Dial-gages and Micrometers.
  29. Measurement of load exerted during ultrasonic joining.
  30. Measurement of pressure used when thrusting spiral rivets into objects.
  31. Measurement of foam generating force of urethanes.
  32. Measurement of pressure distribution during pressurized moulding.
  33. Measurement of body pressure distribution on car seats and etc.
  34. Measurement of contact pressure of clothes.
  35. Measurement of finger pressure sensibility (“SHIATSU”).
  36. Measurement of skin hardness (displacement – load characteristic)
  37. Equipment for generating skin sensibility and thermal stimulation.
  38. Measurement of straining force (on rubber hoses).
  39. Inspection of spring load on Micro-switches.
  40. Measurement of pushing buttons of cell phones.
  41. Control of pressure applied to accumulated materials in construction works.
  42. Measurement of weight of dried wood in the course of production works.
  43. Measurement of occlusion force.
  44. Inspection of shape of needle tips of sewing machines.
  45. Inspection of Keyboard-swicthes.
  46. Control of tiny torque by means of load cells.
  47. Measurement of cogging torque of micromotors (effects from bumping or from unbalances during operations).
  48. Measurement of pressure of motor brushes.
  49. Measurement of remaining amount of engine oil.
  50. Measurement of forces applied to brakes, clutches or acceleration pedals.
  51. Measurement of axial force and torque of large diameter bolts (6kN•m /1MN).
  52. Control of braking pressure in the wheeled platform.
  53. Measurement of cutting force in broach grinding machines.
  54. Measurement of caulking force of rivets.
  55. Measurement of thermal pressurization force of chip parts.
  56. Measurement of combination force of hip joints.
  57. Measurement of pressurization force of hot sealing.
  58. Measurement of squeezing pressure exerted in screen printing machines.
  59. Sensors for the overload control of robots.
  60. Weight measurement of winding machines (for threads, cloths and so on).
  61. Measurement of spraying pressure.
  62. 6-component load cells for use in wind tunnel experiments.
  63. Pin shaped load cells.
  64. Load cells for testing anchor bolts.
  65. Measurement of torque exerted when tightening caps.
  66. Torque measurement of switching equipment.
  67. Torque measurement of side-mirror of automobiles.
  68. Units of weight measurement.
  69. Load Cells for axle load scale.
  70. Wheel load scale for automobiles and rolling stocks.
  71. Force Transducers (ISO 376:1999, Metallic materials-Calibration of force-proving instruments used for the verification of uniaxial testing machines)
  72. Steering force and angle transducers.
  73. Steering angle measurement without steering wheel exchange.
  74. Shift-knob force sensors.
  75. Load cells for the measurement of gripping force.
  76. Shift sensors for motorcycles.
  77. Tension sensors for seat belts.
  78. Pressure transducers for vibration-proof and high temperature applications.
  79. Load Cells for the Vehicle Crashworthiness Testing.
  80. Weighing system of carts being loaded with concrete piles or electrical poles.
  81. System for measurement of weight or gravity center of H-2 Rockets.
  82. Flat Load Cells for the fatgue testing machines.
  83. Load cells for large scale structure testing machines (especially for evaluating state of seismic isolation rubber).
  84. Detection of torque of screw drivers or nut-runners.
  85. Load cells for evaluation of precision leaf spring characteristics.
  86. Measurement of linear-motioned load.
  87. Load relaxation testing of gaskets.
  88. Axial force measurement of valve-rod used wih the nuclear power plants.
  89. Load cells of insensitive to vertical vibrations (namely, load cells insensitive to gravity or accelerations).
  90. Measuring device of braking force of 2-wheeled vehicles (with 2-axes force detector).
  91. Tension measurement and observation of wire ropes.
  92. Torque measurement of Ball-screw.
  93. Pressurization force measurement when polishing wafers.
  94. Dicing pressurization force measurement.
  95. Measurement of cutting load of lead frames.
  96. Load measurement of chip mounters.
  97. Pressurization force measurement of wire bonding of ICs
  98. Measurement of bonding load of Flip Chip Bonders.
  99. Desorption force measurement in absorbing transportation devices.
  100. Load measurement in vacuum chambers.