~As a pioneer company of strain-gauge~
~As a pioneer company of strain-gauge~





Showa Sokki sensors that respond to measurement technology Since 1962, when Showa Sokki developed Japan's first foil strain gages, we have consistently worked to develop measurement technology.
Based on the reliable technology backed up by our long track record, we support the development of cutting-edge technology that requires high precision and high reliability through an integrated system from strain gages to transducers. MORE


Contribute to society through corporate activities, always with the development of new products and technologies in mind. The company has been accumulating technology for more than 60 years since its foundation, and will not rest on its laurels, but will continue to take on the challenge of new measurement technology based on rich ideas and creativity. We will accelerate the development of new technologies to meet the increasingly diverse and high-precision needs of our customers as the times change, and contribute to society by providing safety and security through measurement technology. MORE