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Applications of 6-Component force sensor


In proportion with recent development in technologies surrounding all structural bodies, it has now become extremely difficult to solve various problems merely measuring simple forces prevailing at present. In case when a force is generating somewhere, such a force like this can be represented by momenta facing 3 directions plus another 3 momenta surrounding the circumference of the axis, totally 6 kinds of forces (Note that 6 forces as described above are called as 6-component). Note that the total number of momenta will never exceed the 6-components even in case when forces being generated might become more and more complicated. In these circumstances, all doubts concerning all forces can be analyzed clearly if we measure the 6-component simultaneously. We call the load cells satisfying this measuring purpose as the 6-component load cells. The load cells in which 3 directional forces and 3 momenta around the axis (3 couples concentration axis) are converged into one point are the 6-component load cells developed by Showa Measuring Instruments Co.,Ltd. The focus concentration type 6-component load cells do not have overhanging attachments (like arms and so on) which are essential when effecting detection of load (force) or moment. In addition, as it is possible in this 6-component load cell to suppress mutual interferences between respective components, troublesome compensation operations can be eliminated from the measurements. We are giving hereunder some application examples of the focus concentration type 6-component load cells and shall be happy if you would take some of these examples for your references.

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For robots

For the control of man-shaped robots that have made a swift progress for the first place in the field of industrial applications, we are now able to make a detection of all kinds of forces including monitoring of weight of transported articles, monitoring of maneuvering forces, walking controls, and so on. We are now admitted to extend a cooperation to Honda Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. for the development of their man-shaped robots "ASIMO" that have now been talked about as their brilliant success in the 2-foot walking robot technology.

Monitoring in spring load tests

In the course of handling coil springs in automobile suspension devices, an extra force like side forces might sometimes take place in addition to the reactive force usually occurring when the coil spring receives loads. The smaller amount of this side load, the less in undesirable effects to the damper and it accordingly appears to be the better in comfortability to ride in. One or two units of 6-component force sensor are usually mounted on the spring base of the load testing machine.

For running test of vehicles

By mounting the 6-component load cells on tyre wheels of various vehicles including automobiles, motorcycles, and so on and by actually driving cars on the slaloms for analyzing their turning properties and movements of cars there, we can see behaviors of cars and motorcycles or properties of tyres of all vehicles without difficulty (The 6-component load cells can be mounted inside the drum for simulated running tests or on the bearings of the drums). The 6-component load cells can be mounted without any troublesome signal transmission means like sliprings. No complicated operations are also required.

For the strength test of tyre wheels

The 6-component load cells are inserted between the testing machines and the tyre wheels of automobiles, trucks or buses for monitoring results of the tyre wheel fatigue tests to those vehicles. Main purposes of the tests are to watch variations in test loads or to monitor behaviors (including breakage) of test pieces in the course of tests.

For monitoring in wind tunnel experiments

Wind tunnel experiments are made in order to know change of behaviors of flying bodies, including aircrafts or rockets in atmospheres, of moving bodies including automobiles or ships, and of structures including bridges caused by air current or winds. All sorts of forces can be detected by the 6-component load cells directly inserted into the test objects or fixed to the arms or posts supporting the test objects.

For monitoring reactive force of bearings

In order to precisely analyze the strength and lifetime of bearings, it may be an important task to precisely know of bearing reactive force of rotational objects like motors or pumps which are accompanying varying loads. All behaviors of the bearings can be analyzed if the 6-component load cells are mounted on the bearing portions. We will be able to build a completely water and pressure proof load cells which are insensitive of internal pressures of pumps for the purpose of installation on the bearings of pumps (These special load cells can operate without problem even in case when the internal pressure of pumps is elevated).

For medical applications

When the human body is standing straight, its all behaviors can fully be analized if the reactive force between the soles and the ground surface is measured. For example, the pulsations of heart are transferred to the ground surface as the travel of gravity in proportion with up and down movement of the human body and also with its back and forth behaviors. All of the above-mentioned movements or shifts can be analyzed precisely if the human body is erected on the 6-component load cell mounted on the ground surface. Analysis can be made not only to the force of pulsations of the heart but also to the position of the heart because the amount of force to the front and rear directions caused by pulsation of the heart and the moment of falling to the ground can be calculated separately.

For measuring various driving forces

The 2-component and 3-component load cells are utilized for measurement of the shifting knob driving force, bar type handle driving force and so on. We are now in a position to build a 6-component load cells which can be contained in a 50mm sphere, with which an expansion of the use is expected. From the fact that small-sized and lightly weighed sensors can be mounted easily as it is on the operating position of the target equipment, these small and light sensors can be utilized for the analysis of the mechanism behaviors, and of human engineering forces and so on.


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