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"DS-6200" / Digital Transducer Indicator

Transducer Indicator DS-6200


  • Processing in high speed sampling of 0.5 ms (2000 times/second).
  • 5-digit indication with both polarities (±99999).
  • Real time graphical indication of input signals by means of color liquid crystals.
  • Capable of connecting in 4 parallel units of the 350Ω Series load cells.
  • Can match with all sorts of strain gage type sensors through excitation voltage switching.
  • Standard specifications include top and bottom setting and various holding functions.
  • High accuracy in non-linearity of 0.02% FS ± 1 digit.
  • Addition of various optional features is possible.
  • Additional option includes an exclusive portable case.

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Item Description
Sensor applied voltage DC10V/2.5V Output current: within 120mA 4-wire system Applied voltage digital adjustment
Sensor input range   -3.0 ~ +3.0 mV/V
Gain adjustment Automatic adjustment through internal operation.
Equivalent input
calibration range
Setting Range: 0.500 mV/V to 3.000 mV/V. Error: Within 0.1% FS.
Display STN Color LCD (320 x 240 dots) ,Indicator value: ±99999
Display unitt Weight: kg, g, t, Force: N, kN, Nm
Pressure: N/m2, Pa, kPa, MPa, bar
* "No-unit" setting is also feasible
A/D converter Speed: 2000 times/second 24 bit (binary)
Accuracy Non-linearity: within 0.02%FS ±1 digit (during 3.0 mV/V input); Zero drift: within 0.5μV/℃ RTI; Gain drift: 0.01%/℃)
Analog filter LPF (low-pass filter,-6dB/oct.)
30/100/300/1000 Hz digital adjustment
Analog monitor output Output level: Approx. 2V per 1mV/V, input Load-resistance: 2KΩ or more
Interface (built-in) RS-232C communication interface [Synchronous, Full duplex, Transmitting speed: 9600~57600 bps]
2-wire type serial interface for dedicated printer and external display [Transmitting speed: 600 bps]
Wave profile holding   < Tracking & Sample Hold >
Peak/Bottom/P-P/Mean---Range setting
Max Peak Value,Min Peak Value,Point of inflection
External output signal HI/LO comparison output (HH, HI, OK, LO, LL) / RUN output / hold end output / Event output after graph plotting Vce=30V (max),Ic=30mA (max)
External input signal Work selection input / hold control input / digital zero input (DZ) / graph plotting control input / calibration selection input lc=10mA or lower
Power supply voltage AC100~240V (-15%/+10%) 50/60 Hz
Operating conditions Temperature: -10 ~ +40℃; Humidity: 80% RH or lower (no condensation)
External dimension 99.5 (W) x 96 (H) x 138 (D) mm (not including protruding parts)
Panel cut dimension 92 x 92 (+1-0) mm
Weight About 1kg


Item Description
BCD BCD parallel data output interface
Attached BCD connector
DAV D/A converter
Voltage output: -10~+10 V (Zero output and full scale output can be digitally adjusted)
DAI D/A converter
Current output: 4~20 mA (Zero output and full scale output can be digitally adjusted)
DC power supply DC24V (±15%), power consumption: 20W max
Inrush current (typ) : 55A, 1msec (cold start at room temperature)
Portable Case Dedicated portable case is furnished with NDIS-connector, Power-SW, Power-Cable in the rear side, and in case when this option is required to be delivered to the customer together with various transducers of our manufacture at the same time, we shall be glad to install the calibration and setting values into the DS-6200 in accordance with the transducers to be coupled.

Brief description of Portable Case


This option is prepared as a portable measuring device in compliance with increasing demands in recent days for a control equipment to be used inside actual installations for the control of various transducers including load cells, pressure transducers, and so on. In case when this option is required to be delivered to the customer together with various transducers of our manufacture at the same time, we shall be glad to make a special service in writing down calibration and setting values of the DS-6200 in accordance with sensitivity and rated values of the transducers to be coupled. However, note that a calibration certificate as the combined system and a traceability certificate if needed would have to be paid for. This equipment is of a simple layout only having at its rear side an NDIS Standard Connector (Receptacle), Power Cable (directly drawn out from the system), Power Switch and vacant panel for the optional device. You can start measurements immediately after one touch connection has been made with a transducer to be coupled.

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